Morrocan Wines for Fish and Meat

Fish and meat, which Moroccan wines to accompany them?

Despite years of consumption, it is not always easy to choose the right vintage. Lovers or just curious, learn to combine meat and fish with the aromas of Moroccan wines.

Expert or experienced? Wine is like football, everyone has their own choices in this area. Tastes and colours are not in dispute, but it must be admitted that some aromas blend better with some dishes. You will notice that during a single meal, connoisseurs can multiply the categories and brands of wines. To become a wine pro, follow the guide.

Red meat is obviously best served with red wine. It is a type of meat that is characteristic and has a very strong taste. The wine that will accompany it must therefore be up to the task. The rare will find its happiness with a fruity red. Think of a simple but powerful bottle.

Our wine selection: a red Countess for a majestic ox. Straight from Beni M’Tir, La Comtesse offers a diversity of spices (pepper, cloves), enhanced with aromas of liquorice, vanilla and red fruits. This bottle goes perfectly with all roasted meats.

On the barbecue, the sausage regains its star status. The latter can certainly be tasted with a red wine, but we would still advise you to try it with a rosé. Spicy most of the time, sausages form a perfect couple with the Terres Rosées of Ferme Rouge. An intense wine with raspberry and bramble fruits accompanied by some floral notes. Very fresh in these hot weather conditions.

If you tend to prefer white meats, you should select a red wine. Very aromatic and strong in taste, it enhances the sweetness of this type of meat. Be careful, however, to take into consideration the cooking process. If it is a white meat with cream, prefer white or grey. For a pan-fried white meat, the light red. As for spicy white meat, like chicken tagine, you will have guessed it, a strong red will delight you.

Our wine selection: for white meat with cream, we recommend a grey Larroque, quite dry, but balanced with fruit aromas. This wine also goes very well with vegetables.

While for a pan-fried white meat, a red Halana Merlot will be very easy to taste. It has a slight acidic aftertaste, due in particular to red fruits, cranberries and currants. Add to that blackcurrant and an ounce of spices.

Fish go perfectly with white wine. However, as with meat, it all depends on the type of fish being cooked. Some criteria are to be taken into consideration: the type of fish, the type of cooking, as well as the sauce accompaniment.

Our wine selection: for oysters and mussels, very trendy at the moment, you will select a Sémillant blanc. Dry and quite lively on the palate, it releases many flavours that will give way to a unique freshness. Note that this wine contains good vegetal and menthol aromas.

Fish frying is well suited to wines that are both tender and straightforward on the palate. However, don’t go for a too sweet wine that could cancel the smell of fried fish. We recommend that you head for a white medallion. The aromas of peach and apricot soften the nervousness of this type of wine, leaving a spicy finish.

The smoked fish, on the other hand, will be greatly enhanced by a white Volubilia from the Domaine de la Zouina. The fruitiness of this wine is very present, you will also feel important citrus notes. If it is suitable for several types of fish, it can be served with cheese, especially goat cheese. Cheers!


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