How to Become a Blogger

You are passionate about video games, movies, cooking, reading… Why not become a blogger? Still confidential, this profession dedicated to web content production seems to be on the rise. But behind an apparent ease of access lies a low-paying professional activity. Here’s what you need to know about being a blogger.

How to become a Blogger? Find here the missions, necessary training, remuneration of this profession.

Mission of the profession: Blogger
The blogger is a web content producer. Often specialized in one or more domains, his objective is to generate traffic on his blog in order to benefit from advertising revenues or other types (gifts, products…). If you are considering practicing as a blogger, you should be able to:
– to develop and preserve the editorial line of the blog,
– to produce thematic content on a regular basis and put it online,
– to build customer loyalty / promote regular consultation on the blog,
– Manage/optimize the referencing of your blog on search engines,
– to distribute your content on social networks,
– to send a newsletter,
– moderate and respond to comments received on the blog or social networks,
– to develop the architecture and design of the blog,
– to master the computer tool,
– to federate a community of Internet users through events and communication actions,
– to approach the various possible sources of income: advertising, production of sponsored articles, product promotion, affiliation links….
– ensure a technological watch in order to optimize the blog.


Become a Blogger: Qualifications
In addition to mastering the Internet tool, computer technology and social networks, the blogger must above all possess editorial skills, unlike the youtubeur with whom he is often, wrongly, associated and who mainly generates video content. Indeed, content production is very similar to the profession of Internet journalist since it involves, for the blogger, writing articles on various and varied subjects on an almost daily basis, the style of which will be adapted to the blog’s target audience.

On the other hand, it is imperative that you have a relatively strong independent mind. Indeed, most bloggers practice their activity as freelancers and must, for the majority, exercise another profession in order to support themselves. As such, you must be sufficiently autonomous and diligent to work effectively at home. Always in search of popularity, the blogger must also be in constant search of new products or “trendy” themes. He must have a strong sense of analysis and anticipation. In short, the blogger must be able to launch fashions or arouse the interest of his target on a given subject.

Your tone (how you express yourself) – impertinent, funny or offbeat – will be your strength when dealing with the media or other bloggers to stand out.

Gross monthly salary for a beginner: 2500 €
Become a Blogger: training required
There is no specific training for bloggers. Moreover, all baccalaureate degrees make it possible to carry out this activity. However, the following training courses provide the necessary writing and technical skills to achieve this:
– Master’s degree in science, technology, health with a specialization in mathematics, computer science and statistics (web, multimedia, networks)
– Master pro in human and social sciences with a specialization in information and communication, specializing in editorial web design
– Professional degree in human and social sciences activities and communication techniques speciality web developer of information systems and multimedia
– Bachelor’s degree in science, technology, health, computer systems and software specializing in multimedia communication
– Bachelor’s degree in computer science and web development
– Bachelor of Internet professions

Status of the job / context to become a Blogger
If you want to become a blogger, be aware that you will need to be equipped with a patient to hopefully generate sufficient financial income. Indeed, the blogger’s remuneration varies considerably depending on the popularity of his blog. In France, the activity of content producer remains confidential even if it is gradually developing.
To hope to break into this profession in the making, it is therefore necessary to show great perseverance and, above all, great self-sacrifice. It is still possible to join a communication agency that tends to diversify its blog offer, but places are still scarce and mainly offered in Paris. In addition, competition is fierce between the various bloggers who are lucky enough to have enough advertising revenue to make a living from their activity.


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