Our Advice for Kindergarten Season

Your child’s first day of school is a very important step for your child. Here are pur tips to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Prepare clothes for your child the day before the start of the school year
For the little ones, you will be asked for clothes that are easy to put on. It is true that they are welcome at the time of the tour to the bathroom or when they wake up for a nap.

However, the most important thing for this first day is that your child wears an outfit he likes or the color he likes; and it doesn’t matter if he looks like Little Red Riding Hood!

Set your alarm clock earlier than usual
Without making a lot of noise, the first day of school has something really special for the whole family. Even more so if it’s a first day of school. A few extra minutes will be very useful to start your day serenely.

Have a good breakfast with your family
As we know, children must have a solid breakfast. Except that on that day they may be anxious. Don’t force them, even if it means putting a small snack in their pocket. But don’t let that stop you from setting a good example by sitting at the table with them and making this first meal of the day a little 15 minutes of relaxation.

Don’t forget to put his blanket in his school bag
The little ones still need this famous transitional object, especially in the first few days. If you forget that, you’ll attract the wrath of the staff at the small school. The older ones can also slip a small object they like into their schoolbag: a mom’s handkerchief, their favorite Pokemon card, the picture of dad at the office.

Avoid last-minute advice
“Try to sit in the front row”, “Ask the teacher if you want to pee”, “Don’t heckle with Oscar, otherwise the teacher will get mad at you”… Let the teachers manage your children, that’s their job. In fact, avoid any advice! Trust your child and his teacher.

No pressure on your child and especially no blackmail
“If you don’t cry, I’ll give you a gift tonight”, “You’ll soon be able to read”, “Do you remember how to write MOTHER? ». Children feel that the school has a fundamental mission, this is no reason to revise the alphabet in front of the classroom.

Avoid sharing your bad school memories
Even if Miss Leduc terrorized you and sometimes still haunts your nightmares, this will probably not happen to your offspring. He’s going to have his own experience. Make sure you know that your child is not going to experience what you have experienced, and perhaps not even what you think he or she will experience.

Don’t paint your child’s portrait to his teacher
Let her discover for herself how great he is!

Don’t brag about Junior like a junk, or on the other hand, detail his little flaws too much. It is preferable for the teacher to form her own opinion, especially since it is likely that her behaviour will not be the same at school as at home. You entrust your children to professionals, trust them.

Never show your dissatisfaction
Don’t you like the teacher? Are you disappointed because your child is not in his best friend’s class? It’s a concern for you, but maybe not for him.

Don’t put the hammer in his head, be positive and show him the advantages: “You’ll make lots of new friends, and you’ll see Celia at recess. »

Keep your tears and tensions to yourself
Do not prolong the goodbyes, leave the class serenely, head held high (if necessary, collapse into your man’s arms once the door has passed…). Know that most of the time, the kids stop crying when your back is turned, and that there is nothing more exciting than a concert of crying. Don’t worry, if there is a problem you will be notified.

Take your time to accompany your child to school
There is nothing more terrifying for a child than a mother who’s “just” gone to hang up her little coat and never came back. Tell him you’re leaving, set a time for a reunion and don’t hesitate.

Don’t lie to your child to reassure him
Yes he goes to the canteen, yes there is a nap, no it’s not Mommy but Auntie will come and get it… Of course, you don’t have to detail everything, but if he asks you a question, answer honestly. Don’t betray the trust he places in you.