About Us

Hey there! Welcome to Steve Stoni Village.

My name is Leroy Welch and I am a wine, food, and travel writer and creator of this site.  I am also a Certified Sommelier through the New York’s International Culinary Center .  Oh, I’m also the father of two boys, and former-vegan-turned-barbecue-fanatic!

In the summer of 2015 my wife and I did something crazy and founded Steve Stoni Village  wood-fired catering, events BBQ competitions, and pop-up food cart (what were we thinking?!). This was the direct result of this blog and the requests we were getting to cook the food we were writing about. Challenge accepted!

As a freelance writer I’ve contributed to all sorts of awesome publications  about wine, food, and travel (see those below). But right here on this little corner of the internet, the two of us work to share original recipes (many originally created for catering gigs), wine pairings, BBQ tips and tricks, and travel stories.

The recipes we create focus on our passion for wood fired cuisine (grilling, barbecue), combined equally with our passion for pairing wine and food. We moved to the Willamette Valley Wine Country in the summer of 2017. We’re truly living the wine country life now, and want to share it with you.